OH YEAH by Amalia | Wearable art
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Honestly, I don’t make art for the mediocre person who only likes to wear black. I make art for the travellers who seek rare destinations, the grandmothers who love electronic music and the office guys who throw off their suits in the evening to go dancing ballet. The people that will never fit in – and absolutely love it that way.

Art Jackets

Carefully painted art on denim jackets. The result of about two days of designing, painting, philosophising, painting, listening to music and even more painting…

Art t-shirts

A hand painted piece of art – that you can wear. Hours of work put into one single unique t-shirt. All t-shirts are recycled and can be machine washed.


The perfect combination of hand made and digital. Hand painted design turned into limited edition prints. Available on t-shirts, sweaters and more.

Your personality – on a wearable piece of art

This is for you who wish to wear a piece of clothing that reflects your uniqueness. After all, there’s only one of you in the entire world… Carefully hand painted on a denim jacket or t-shirt.


Make yourself a cup of tea and take about 5 minutes to answer a few questions about yourself and what inspires you. I will use your replies as my inspiration when I design the artwork.


I'll interpret your answers into a design. After that you’ll get a first sketch by email that you need to confirm. You will have one chance to give feedback on the design if there's anything you'd like to have differently.


Once you’ve confirmed the design and the price, I will start painting! After some more time, your piece of Oh Yeah will be delivered to your home address and you'll be a living piece of art goddamnit!

Amalia – a rare kid

Growing up, I was one of those rare, shy kids who liked to sit at home and draw, sucked at football and wore pants that were too short because I was too tall. The journey towards where I am today has been on a fun, tough, exciting and bumpy road. But most importantly – it’s been a hell of a journey and it’s a story I’ll gladly share!

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